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The Crosby Clinic - Advanced Dual-Diagnosis, Mental Health & Addiction Treatment in San Diego, CA

The Crosby Clinic in San Diego, CA is a highly referred destination with advanced technology for accurate diagnosis to effectively treat and heal the underlying causes of addiction, behavioral and other traumatic brain-related disorders followed with rehab.

Today at the Crosby Clinic, we have something special to offer patients. Through modern technology, the Crosby Clinic can monitor brain activity in real time and, together with our certified doctors and clinical staff, design a holistic treatment plan individualized just for you. We can find the cause… and help you fix it.

Over the years, we have successfully treated hundreds of individuals from all walks of life. We have treated emotional disorders, pain, bipolar disorder, PTSD, bereavement resulting in anxiety and depression, eating disorders, self-medicating substance abuse, as well as various abnormal emotional or addictive behaviors, and we get results.

The Crosby Clinic is secluded, very confidential, and is nestled in the naturally therapeutic mountains of the Southern California Coastline. You can get the relief you need and enjoy the rest of your live.

Crosby Dual Diagnostic Heroin Treatment Center
Intensive Pain Management at the Crosby Clinic

Patient Testimonials

  • “I love you guys for saving me before I destroyed everything and everyone around me. I feel great!”

  • “It can happen to anyone. Because of the intervention and the Crosby Clinic, I’m free from my alcoholism, my eating disorder, my emotional stress and so happy to be back to my previous self. I can laugh and enjoy my family and friends again.”

  • “I have suffered from panic attacks for 15 years. All of the counseling, self-medicating and books I purchased just masked the fear without eliminating it for good. Then came an intervention—Crosby Clinic, I owe you my life.”


FDA Approved Heroin, Opiates & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you qualify, you can receive an FDA-approved treatment for HEROIN, OPIATES or ALCOHOL that has shown an 86-90% success rate. It’s real; its true. Call 760-751-1234 now for details!