At The Crosby Clinic, we believe that only an accurate diagnosis, supported by the identification of the neurological, psychological and biological factors that drive behaviors, is required to achieve sustained recovery and measurable results that can improve your quality of life.

At The Crosby Clinic, our method is simple: First, we accurately diagnose our patients based on advanced brain scanning capabilities and intake evaluations. Then, we identify triggers that cause problematic behavior or emotional stress by closely examining brain activity. Finally, we develop an individualized treatment plan based on each patient’s unique needs and brain activity.

Our patients experience higher-than-average success rates in overcoming their behavioral and emotional challenges and traumatic brain injuries. Our well-researched and supported process results in using the least toxic and most effective solutions to overcome the challenges you face. In addition, our financial, legal and career advisors are here to support and prepare individuals for life outside of treatment.

We do all this with the utmost respect for our patients and their confidentiality. For more information regarding Crosby’s programs, please click here.

In addition, for individuals struggling with addiction, we do not use the traditional 12-step recovery process advocated by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). At The Crosby Clinic, we believe in giving individuals the treatment and tools they need to live a life free from addiction and emotional pain, without attending meetings for the rest of their lives to maintain sobriety.