Has an Eating Disorder Taken Over Your Life?

Eating disorders are complex, seductive illnesses that are easy to fall prey to when influenced by societal pressures in relation to beauty and image. Whether you’re looking at bulimia, anorexia nervosa, or binge-eating, eating disorders can lead to permanent physical damage, brain damage and extraordinary insecurity and emotional stress. As a result, they end up greatly affecting your organs, physical health and your ability to enjoy life.

But you don’t have to be a victim to this very complex emotional condition any longer. You can find the accurate diagnosis, individualized solutions and effective integrated treatments with an experienced treatment team at Crosby’s Eating Disorders Treatment Center.

How Can You Truly Know You Have an Eating Disorder?

It’s not uncommon for someone to be in denial over an eating disorder. But if you experience the symptoms listed below, you need to give our Eating Disorder Treatment Center a try:

  • Do you feel that you have no control over your eating habits?
  • Do you still feel “fat” no matter how many friends or family say you’re thin?
  • Do others describe you as too thin?
  • Does food – more specifically, stressing over eating, dominate your thoughts? Your life?
  • Do you hide food from others, so they don’t know how much you’re eating?

While saying “yes” to some or all of these questions isn’t a guarantee that you suffer from an eating disorder, we do recommend you call and speak to one of our counselors.

You Can Conquer Your Eating Disorder at the Crosby Eating Disorders Treatment Center

We fully realize that you don’t want to wrestle with depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue or the shame and guilt for the rest of your life. If you have characteristics of an eating disorder, those are the symptoms of an illness that will impair your health and ability to appreciate who you are until the underlying issues are identified and successfully resolved. When it comes to complex eating disorders, we integrate:

  • A dual diagnostic approach – Treating both the symptoms as well as the underlying psychiatric disorders.
  • Neuro and biofeedback scans – Employing high-tech scanning to map out the way your brain functions down to the chemical level.
  • Outpatient support – After your rehabilitation period, the Crosby Clinic provides ongoing counseling, classes, and programs to foster continued positive growth.

Through these methods we help you gain a “bigger picture” of how the eating disorder affects your thoughts and behaviors, increasing the likelihood of a complete recovery.

Get Personalized Treatment Right Now

A rehab or cookie-cutter treatment program isn’t good enough. Research shows and we recognize that you are unique and your situation is different than others. That’s why, with advanced technology and an experienced treatment team, we can and will individualize a treatment and recovery program to personally fit your needs. When you come to the Crosby Eating Disorder Treatment Center for an accurate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, we meet you where you’re at, and everyone works together as a team with you personally.

Crosby Accepts Most All Major Insurance

Insurance will usually cover the costs of our Eating Disorders Treatment Center for diagnosis, treatment and follow up recovery plans. Contact us now to begin conquering your eating disorder and regain control of your life! Just call 877-577-3422 now!

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