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The Crosby Clinic offers a wide variety of programs designed specifically to meet each individual’s needs. Whether patients need a short outpatient program to reset their recovery, a longer-term residential plan with the option for sober living, or a safe and comfortable detox process for issues with substance abuse, we provide it all. In addition, our trusted team of legal, financial and career advisors help prepare individuals for life outside of treatment through our holistic treatment programs.

Please see below our list of programs to learn more about each and the services they provide:


The team at The Crosby Clinic understands the detox process can be painful and challenging. That is why we have partnered with SHARP Mesa Vista Hospital to provide a safe, clinically advanced and medically supervised detox process in a comfortable residential setting.

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Individualized Treatment

At The Crosby Clinic, we provide patients the most targeted treatment plan possible to ensure they overcome their disorder or injury and regain full health and well-being. Our comprehensive intake process involves multiple psychological tests, noninvasive brain scans and clinical assessments to better understand patients’ individual needs, challenges and biology.

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14 - 90 Day Program

The team at The Crosby Clinic understands the need for and importance of results-driven treatment programs designed to meet each patients’ needs. We offer flexible 14-90 day programs focused on identifying the root causes of emotional feelings, thoughts, unrest and fears patients may be experiencing.

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Outpatient Treatment

The Crosby Clinic’s outpatient treatment center offers a comprehensive and results-oriented approach to treatment and is highly effective for individuals struggling with addictive behavior or emotional disorders including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), eating disorders or personality disorders.

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Dual Diagnosis

The term dual diagnosis refers to the coexistence of an alcohol or drug problem and an emotional/psychiatric disorder. The disorders interact with one another and their symptoms mimic each other. Without highly trained professionals, these disorders can easily by misdiagnosed.

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