Treatment Designed for You and Your Brain

At The Crosby Clinic, we provide patients the most targeted treatment plan possible to ensure they overcome their disorder or injury and regain full health and well-being. Our comprehensive intake process involves multiple psychological tests, noninvasive brain scans and clinical assessments to better understand patients’ individual needs, challenges and biology.

Our entire team of doctors, therapists and advisors are dedicated to just 16 patients, guaranteeing the greatest level of personalized care. By combining advanced technology, proven science and a deep level of compassion, our team of staff provides patients an individualized, holistic approach to treatment with higher-than-average success rates.

The Crosby Clinic accepts most major insurance carriers. To speak with an insurance specialist to verify your coverage, please call (858)-385-9399.

To Learn More About Our Intake Process, Please Call (858) 385-9399.