12-step is a rigid process made popular by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Many drug rehabs and hospitals use that same 12-step program for its simplicity, repeatability and social support. In a 12-step program, members are asked to:

  • Admit you are powerlessness over your addiction
  • Submit to a “Higher Power”
  • Take a constant moral inventory
  • Make a lifelong commitment to attend meetings

While 12-step programs may be effective for some, The Crosby Clinic’s research has found non-12 step rehab to be a more effective treatment to overcome addiction and achieves a higher success rate among patients.

Non-12 step rehab is philosophically different from 12-step programs. At The Crosby Clinic, we do not believe that you are powerless over addiction. In fact, non-12 step rehab empowers you with the treatment and tools to live a life free from addiction and emotional pain. And while addiction has affected your life, with proper diagnosis and treatment, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life in meetings to maintain your sobriety.

Yes, depending on your coverage. In fact, non-12 step rehab is so effective that most insurance companies will pay for treatment. Depending on your benefits, insurance companies can pay 100 percent of the cost of treatment. Instead of verifying benefits on your own, allow a professional insurance specialist to work with your insurance provider to obtain the maximum benefit on your behalf.

No. There are significant differences between non-12 step programs. While 12-step programs are a rigid, defined process consistent across groups and locations, non-12 step programs allow for flexibility in treatment. At The Crosby Clinic, we individualize our treatment program for each patient as one of the most advanced non-12 step drug rehab facilities in the country. Using progressive technology such as brain scans and brain function tests, we can diagnose and treat addiction and its neurological root causes with greater accuracy.

No. If a patient has been accurately diagnosed and properly treated at a non-12 step rehab treatment center, they are not required to attend daily meetings to maintain sobriety. However, at The Crosby Clinic, we provide six months of daily follow-up and three years of free tune-ups.

It depends. The cost for treatment varies greatly from facility to facility. Some facilities are ultra-luxurious spas. Treatment costs can be more than $80,000, and if they accept any insurance there is a high out-of-pocket expense. The Crosby Clinic accepts insurance so treatment can cost little or nothing.

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