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What Does Alcohol Do To Your Liver?

Memory Loss, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Death: Proven Dual Diagnosis Solutions

Death by drug overdose is higher than it’s ever been in the United States. It has surpassed the number of deaths by HIV at its 1995 peak, death by car crash at its 1972 peak, and death by guns at its 1993 peak. In fact, in just two years, more Americans died from opiate addiction than in the Vietnam War. The following statistics help emphasize the magnitude of this epidemic: An estimated 2 million Americans are dependent on opiates In 2015, [...]

The Crosby Clinic Leads the Way in Feeding the Homeless

The Crosby Clinic and over 50 volunteers, prepped lunch bags with turkey sandwiches, fruit, water bottles, and a positive message as a part of #HashtagLunchbag. The event takes place the last Saturday of every month.

From Prescription Opiates To Heroin Addiction

Heroin Abuse and Addiction Are Finally Experiencing a Solution!

With new methods of addiction treatment seeing success, the epidemic of heroin and opioid addiction, major killers, could one day become diseases of the past. America’s opioid epidemic has reached critical mass. In 2015 (the latest year for which data is available), 12.5 million people abused prescription opioids. Since then, that number has almost certainly climbed much higher. What often begins as a legitimate use of prescription narcotics frequently devolves into a gripping reliance on a cheaper, easier-to-get substitute: Heroin. Naltrexone, in several [...]