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The Role Of Holistic Activities In Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

How to Help Someone with Bipolar Disorder

It can be hard to know how to help someone with bipolar disorder. An illness like this can be very destabilizing and disrupt your normal life and routine. Here are some tips on how to help your loved one during this difficult time. Show your support by learning about bipolar disorder It helps to have a better perspective when you know exactly what bipolar disorder is. Educate yourself on the symptoms, and what to expect. Being armed with information helps you [...]

Military’s Need For Better Drug Rehab

5 Signs Someone Has PTSD

  After experiencing any traumatic incident, it’s natural to replay the experience in your mind. For example, every single person who attended the October 1, 2017 Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas will, unquestionably, carry psychological scars for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, when humans experience or witness a tragedy, it’s normal for vivid memories to be seared into our brains. It’s also normal for disturbing memories to fade over time and become less frightening. Even after unthinkable [...]