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About The Crosby Clinic Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

At The Crosby Clinic, we believe that only an accurate diagnosis, supported by the identification of the neurological, psychological and biological factors that drive behaviors, is required to achieve sustained recovery and measurable results that can improve your quality of life. Located in San Diego, California, we are the premier destination for treating serious brain-related disorders including emotional and behavioral, substance abuse, lifestyle and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Dual Diagnosis Of Addiction & Psychological Issues

The Crosby Clinic advanced brain scans and multiple tests show and identify the real factors which may contribute to your fear, anxiety, depression, self-medication with drugs or alcohol and emotional behavior, and we accept most major insurance. Our unique treatment helps us to identify and treat the consequences of brain injuries, emotional traumas and PTSD, which are among the most debilitating personal injuries any victim can sustain. Left untreated the consequences are often progressive, and sometimes fatal. They affect not only the injured person, but family members and close friends as well.

If you have legal issues, we offer Nation-wide, clinical letters for your release from jail or prison; door-door, court-ordered rehab.

We Offer Solutions To Substance Addiction & Emotional Issues

Prescription medication alone is not enough. Many drugs, if taken for more than 90 days, can contribute to premature aging, emotional side-effects, physical fatigue and sexual or other dysfunctions. The overuse of prescription pain and sleep medications can result in addiction and injury or death. The real question is, “What is the cause?”

For many years, all credible scientific evidence has lead to the conclusion that individuals who suffer repeated and cumulative emotional trauma have significantly increased risk for brain malfunctions that lead to aggressive behavior, abuse, and drug and alcohol self-medication and dependency.

It is because of our advanced technology, Amen Clinic brain scans, experienced doctors, and results that patients are referred to The Crosby Clinic by insurance companies, Corp. EAPA Members, hospitals, doctors and addiction specialists from across the nation.

You have choices. Most insurance companies will pay for personalized clinical treatments, so why not find and fix the cause of your problem?

The Crosby Clinic Dual Diagnosis Treatment Method Is Simple

Treatment For Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder & Substance Abuse

Our flexible treatment programs range from 14 days to 90+ days, inpatient to outpatient and focus on a variety of behavioral and emotional issues, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse. The Crosby Clinic specializes in using brain scans and other advanced technologies to properly diagnose and treat not only these conditions but also TBIs sustained from concussions, accidents, and sports.