Alcohol Rehab San Diego

For a comprehensive alcohol rehab treatment, come to Crosby Clinic as soon as possible! Many people take alcoholism for granted, and only begin realizing the danger years into the disease. By that time, the disorder has progressed sufficiently to leave deep marks on the individual. The attempts at self-treating the condition will do no good.

Instead, you should opt for our program of alcohol rehab in San Diego. Our approach is unique in the business in some aspects and incredibly rare in others. Several things help us stand out from the crowd:

The patient-tailored treatment

While many rehab facilities use standardized treatments, we’re using a vastly different approach. Since not all people function the same, we’ve devised a different strategy. Instead of using the same treatment for everybody, we resort to personalized programs for the maximum effect.

Before starting the rehabilitation treatment, our doctors and psychiatrists will walk you through a comprehensive diagnosis procedure. We’ll analyze your medical history and your clinical status, and this is what will give us the upper-hand in terms of efficiency, and lasting results. In most cases, we’ll use advanced brain scanning to identify any potential brain traumas or signs of any co-occurring disorders.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

This is one procedure that you’ll probably not find in most of the other rehab facilities. The technology relies on a pressurized compartment, enriched with 100% pure oxygen. We use it as a natural mechanism of healing brain injuries, some of which might have been affecting you for years.

The pure oxygen, combined with the varying pressure levels, will stimulate your body’s natural healing properties, as the affected area will receive more oxygen-enriched blood. It’s a vital procedure in our alcohol rehab in San Diego because it treats the underlying problems of substance addiction. In many cases, the propensity for alcohol abuse comes from early brain injuries, disrupting the patient’s natural cognitive or emotional functioning.

In those situations, alcohol may come as an analgesic – “treating” the wounds of the body, as well as those of the spirit. The HBOT will go straight at the heart of the problem.

The advanced dual diagnosis treatment

Many other rehab centers provide dual diagnosis programs, but none to the extent that we’re offering. Combined with the advanced diagnosis system, our dual diagnosis program ranks among the most effective and comprehensive strategies in the practice. Aside from providing a multitude of psychotherapies and emotional support procedures, we also cover a vast range of mental disorders like:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Emotional/behavioral problems
  • Eating disorder, etc.

These procedures show why our alcohol rehab in San Diego ranks among the best programs in the business. If you're ready to leave alcohol behind for good, come to our center today!

Crosby Clinic is one of the few facilities in the industry that relies on optimization, innovation, and long-term effectiveness. We’re your best chance at living a happy, fulfilling life for the rest of your days.

Alcohol Rehab San Diego
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