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Anxiety Treatment Center In San Diego & Escondido At The Crosby Clinic

Anxiety is your brain’s natural reaction to stress and can be debilitating if not effectively treated. Unlike the natural stimulus of mild anxiety, about 25 million American adults experience acute feelings of anxiety. These feelings can range from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), excessive worrying, and butterflies to delusions (sounds or voices), sweating, difficulty breathing, dizziness and acute panic attacks. Generalized Anxiety Disorder can affect personal relationships, work performance and diminish quality of life.

You Can End Anxiety And Feel Free And Happy Again

Today, the Crosby Clinic provides brain scans and tests for an accurate diagnosis that result in specific individualized treatments. Anxiety disorders commonly result in self-medicating substance abuse that can turn into dependency and delusions. Often, alcohol, drugs or prescription medications are masking the true causes of anxiety.

Brains Scans & Science To Treat Anxiety At The Crosby Clinic

Crosby and Amen Clinic integrated brain scans and multiple psychological tests are used by a team of experienced doctors to identify the underlying causes and contributing factors or a root cause that trigger the acute anxiety and self-medicating addiction and dependency.

You can end all the suffering. Today, individuals are referred to the Crosby Clinic, because we are the most technically advanced, thorough and effective clinic for accurate diagnosis and effective treatments – and we get results. At the Crosby Clinic, specific San Diego anxiety treatments are individually defined by multiple tests and an experienced team of doctors who get results, measured throughout the week with both Neurofeedback and Biofeedback reports. Crosby is a treatment facility unlike any other.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment With Psycholoy & Medical Science

Unlike most, we can perform state-of-the-art SPECT-brain photo imaging and the new advanced QEEG-scans of all 19 neuro-brain functions (seeing on a monitor what is normal and what your brain is doing), in addition to multiple psychological tests and pathology evaluations. We have multiple doctors (MDs of psychiatry) and specialists (integrated EMDR, CBT, DBT, etc. therapy) who together coordinate treatments, minimizing most medications with the aid of Neuro and Biofeedback monitoring that can measure the effectiveness of the therapy. With new technology, our advanced anxiety treatment technology in San Diego has taken the guesswork out of treatment and you will see that we get results unlike any other.

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Most PPO insurance will pay for accurate diagnosis and integrated individualized treatment at the Crosby Clinic. Just complete the insurance form or call (760) 751-1234, and an insurance specialist will help you.

It is in the identification of the underlying or co-occurring disorders that makes Crosby’s anxiety treatment clinic most effective in the treatment of anxiety disorder. With proper treatment, most people with anxiety disorders lead productive, fulfilling lives, free of debilitating fear. Most individuals are misdiagnosed and just medicated. “I do believe the Crosby Clinic saved my life,” said one patient who the Crosby Clinic helped recover from panic disorder.

The Crosby Clinic utilizes brain scans and integrated tests for accurate diagnosis to set up individualized treatment plans, psychotherapy and hyperbaric treatments. Results are measured with the most advanced neurofeedback and biofeedback support technology that provides a visual image of the brain and emotional change. Much of the reaction to anxiety can be observed in a QEEG scan, viewing the amygdala (auto-defense monitor) and the hippocampus (memory) areas of the brain.

For many anxiety sufferers, the identification of a physical causation of their symptoms is the start of their healing. Crosby provides a team of experienced doctors, therapists and specialists all working together in a multidisciplinary approach and utilizing your brain imaging to not only diagnose but to measure the effectiveness of integrated therapy.

Unlike hospitals or traditional rehab, Crosby is the only San Diego anxiety treatment center equipped and staffed to achieve this integrated comprehensive program. It is for this reason that hospitals, doctors, clinics and universities from across the US refer anxiety patients to Crosby.

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