The Dangers Of Synthetic Marijuana Use

The Dangers Of Synthetic Marijuana Use

An astonishing 3.7% of seniors in high schools across the United States have tried synthetic marijuana during the past year – according to a survey conducted by the University of Michigan. This number is up .2% from 2016 and continues to increase each year. At the Crosby Clinic, we encounter individuals across the San Diego area that suffer from the negative consequences of using synthetic marijuana. In order to combat this horrifying drug, it is crucial to understand exactly what it is and what it does to users.
Synthetic marijuana is not really marijuana at all. Instead, it is a man-made substance that contains no part of the marijuana plant at all. Conversely, it is given the name ‘synthetic marijuana’ because it is designed to mimic the effects of THC this is in marijuana.

The key difference between marijuana’s THC and the THC in synthetic marijuana is the impact it has on users. When an individual uses marijuana, the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in it binds to the cannabinoid receptors causing a minimal effect. This can cause a user to feel relaxed, calm, and focused. In synthetic marijuana, the binding rate is magnified immensely.

This forces the body into overdrive, causing an array of negative side effects in users. Another negative aspect of synthetic marijuana is that typically contains rat poisoning and other harmful chemicals that can cause serious health complications.

Synthetic Marijuana Side Effects

Individuals that use synthetic marijuana can experience nausea or vomiting, increased appetite, agitation and aggression, seizures, respiratory failure, paranoia and hallucinations, suicidal thoughts or extreme anxiety, or even an altered perception of reality.

This drug is extremely dangerous, and it is also very addictive for users. If a person uses this substance regularly without getting substance abuse help, they may suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they are not under the influence. Users can feel extreme depression, irritability, suffer from severe headaches, and may feel anxious.

Overdoses on synthetic marijuana are extremely common as it is impossible to gauge the potency of the product. Individuals that overdose on this drug suffer from difficulties with breathing, paralysis, they may have a low pulse, they may lose consciousness, or they may even die.

The Crosby Clinic Can Help

Abusing synthetic marijuana is extremely dangerous. If you or someone you know is using synthetic marijuana, it is crucial to get substance abuse help as soon as possible. At the Crosby Clinic, we help patients become educated on this drug and learn the negative impact it has on a person’s mind and body.

Our inpatient rehab provides exceptional care for patients that want to come clean. We offer a fully monitored detox program that allows patients to rid their systems of this harmful substance while remaining in a safe and comfortable environment.

After detox, patients are encouraged to stay in our California residential rehabilitation treatment program so they can learn healthier alternative habits, learn good nutritional habits, and work with counselors to strengthen their willpower and improve their self-esteem. Contact us at (760) 751-1234 to get started now.

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