Doctor Shopping

Doctor Shopping

Doctor Shopping

The Crosby Clinic has seen a major increase in drug treatment programs that help individuals battle prescription drug addictions. Battling a prescription drug addiction can force individuals to engage in some questionable activities. One of the most common thing individuals with prescription drug addictions do is go doctor shopping. This is a task that involves individuals visiting several doctors in order to obtain multiple prescriptions for pain medications. Because a lot of doctors and hospitals do not communicate medical records between one another, it can be easy for patients to visit multiple facilities and obtain prescriptions. In an effort to cut back on this type of abuse, states are being proactive in creating and implementing ways to cut back on patients’ abilities to go doctor shopping.

How Do People Go “Doctor Shopping”?

Individuals engage in doctor shopping by going to various doctors and faking or exaggerating symptoms they are experiencing in order to get prescriptions for various medications. Individuals will visit several facilities to gain multiple prescriptions at once. Users will then take the drugs or sell them illegally to individuals willing to pay high prices for them.

Patients will often seek out medications like opiates, tranquilizers, Percocet, or Adderall from various doctors.

What Are Various States Doing To Prevent This

States around the country are implementing plans in an effort to curb the ability for individuals to go doctor shopping. New York, for example, implemented an I-STOP system that caught over 200 patients within the first week. Kentucky, which is the number one state for doctor shopping, has implemented a state-wide program with much success. Several states are beginning to require doctors to check a database before prescribing any types of medications to patients in order to see if they have received any prescriptions recently.

Some view the database is illegal as it breechings doctor-patient confidentiality, while others are arguing that it will save lives. In addition to establishing a verification system, a lot of doctors across the country are being warier when prescribing medications. If patients come in complaining of generalized pain, there is a high probability that they are trying to doctor shop. Individuals will also claim that they lost their prescriptions in order to obtain a second one. Unfortunately, attempts to halt the behavior are forcing individuals to go to more extreme measures. Individuals are beginning to tamper with MRIs, fake symptoms, and extreme pain. Others are using fake IDs and aliases to ensure their names are not found in any databases.

Get Substance Abuse Help Now

If you are in the position where you feel you need to go doctor shopping, it is crucial for you to recognize that you are in need of substance abuse help as soon as possible. Continuing to abuse prescription medications can have a damaging impact on your mind, body, and spirits. It is crucial for you to get started on drug treatment so you can ward off your dependency to prescription drugs. Contact the Crosby Clinic at (760) 751-1234 to get substance abuse help now.

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