Drug Abuse And Its Impact On Society

Drug Abuse And Its Impact On Society

Drug Abuse And Its Impact On Society

Over twenty-four million people across the United States suffer from some type of illicit drug use while another eighteen million suffer from alcohol abuse. Tens of thousands of individuals die each year from prescription drug overdoses. Without a doubt, substance abuse has an enormous impact on our country. The Crosby Clinic often encourages individuals battling an addiction to get substance abuse help as soon as possible. Achieving and maintaining sobriety is the only way to ensure you do not suffer any adverse health consequences from substance abuse.

At any given time, roughly ten percent of the nation is abuse drugs or alcohol. This has a major impact on their families, friends, neighbors, employers and even their co-workers. The impacts of substance abuse are far-reaching, and the costs associated with this dangerous activity accounts for over $600 billion in lost revenues, legal fees, damages, and health care expenses annually.

Substance Abuse And Families Across The Nation

In addition to the immense economic impact of substance abuse, children of addicts are filling our foster care system and suffering from abuse. Quite often, family members closest to the addict are the hardest hit. Individuals in this environment are often neglected. They face negativity, have problems with high levels of criticism and negativity in the household, suffer from parental inconsistencies or even denial.

Children who have one or more parent addicted to substances are more likely to take responsibility of the parental role in their homes. These children often lack necessities and lack of proper health care. Unfortunately, families with drug-addicted parents are more likely to end up homeless or in poverty.

Substance Abuse And Places Of Employment

Millions of individuals who engage in substance abuse go to work high or get high while at work. Unfortunately, this creates a very dangerous environment for other workers, customers, and clients within the building. In addition to creating a more dangerous environment, substance abuse at the workplace costs businesses roughly $200 billion in losses annually.

Individuals who work with addicts often have to take on additional responsibilities while at work to compensate for the lost production. These individuals may work longer house when addicts do not show up at work or when they leave during the middle of the day to get high. This loss of production and revenue can force businesses across the nation to close their doors.

Substance Abuse And Our Health Care System

Addiction is considered a chronic disease in the United States. Millions of dollars are spent annually to treat overdoses, drug side effects, and even drug rehab. Over 20% of Medicaid dollars annually go to drug-addiction related expenses. This burdens the healthcare system more than $180 billion a year. Unfortunately, individuals with co-occurring mental disorders require longer inpatient rehab to receive effective treatment.

Overcome Your Addiction Today

The only way we are going to improve as a society is by truly combating the problem with drug abuse in the United States. Individuals with substance use disorders need to get drug treatment as soon as possible. Contact the Crosby Clinic at (760) 751-1234 to see how our Escondido rehabilitation facilities can help you today.




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