Drug Rehab

Real Solutions At The Crosby Clinic

Individuals are referred to the Crosby Clinic, because we are the most advanced, comprehensive, individualized and effective clinic for accurate dual diagnosis treatments and we have a reputation for results. At the Crosby Clinic, specific treatments are individually defined by multiple tests. We can perform state-of-the-art SPECT-brain photo imaging and the new, advanced QEEG-scans of all 19 neuro-brain functions, measuring thought waves in addition to multiple psychological tests and pathology evaluations. We have multiple doctors and specialists who, together, coordinate treatments, minimizing most medications with the aid of neuro- and biofeedback treatments. With advanced, new technology, our doctors have taken the guess work out of treatment, and you will see the adjustments for results on live monitors.

At the Crosby Clinic, we admit only 16 patients at a time. We provide the most advanced technology, including brain scans for accurate diagnosis, a team of experienced doctors for each patient and, together, they help resolve your issues and help you regain your life. Each patient is carefully assessed, accurately diagnosed and individually treated and, most insurance is accepted for payment.

The Crosby Clinic has helped hundreds of Americans recover. Remember, you can try to self-medicate a problem and live with anxiety, pills, depression and relapses – or you can call or visit the Crosby Clinic, where we can help you find the cause and fix it for the rest of your life.

Crosby is the most advanced dual diagnosis psychological drug rehab clinic in San Diego!
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Why The Crosby Clinic? We Have Proven Results Where Others Have Failed!

We can identify the underlying problems and make corrections accurately:

  1. The underlying causes may be psychological, neurological, physical or   combinations thereof.
  2. Brain damage or malfunction driven by psychological issues are generally central to effective treatment.
  3. Effective treatment requires identifying the real problems and knowing how to effectively treat them.
  4. Follow-through is essential for healing and sustained recovery.