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If you were to perform a search query online for "Dual diagnosis treatment near me," and you live in Southern California, you will find hundreds of results. Additionally, you will find nearly as many kinds of treatment for dual diagnosis conditions as there are treatment facilities themselves. There are luxury treatment centers, traditional treatment centers, male and female only treatment centers, and more. Even still, many dual diagnosis treatment providers differ in opinion regarding the best treatment model for dual diagnosis conditions. For example, some professionals say that you must treat the addiction before the psychological disorder and others say the exact opposite. What to believe? Which treatment center should you choose?

The Crosby Clinic is in a Class of its Own

The Crosby Clinic is a trusted name in the field of advanced treatment for addiction and psychological disorders. Since dual diagnosis conditions are very complex and involve both addiction and psychological disorders, you need a treatment center with proven results and a reputation that can stand on its own weight. At the Crosby Clinic, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge treatment techniques to assess, diagnose, and treat dual diagnosis disorders.

This Time Can be Your Last Time

Many of our patients are not new to recovery. Sadly, the majority of our patients have been suffering silently from addiction and psychological disorders for years and have been to rehab after rehab only to experience relapse after relapse. The Crosby Clinic is the place to go for people who are tired of the revolving door effect of the rehabilitation industry. The Crosby Clinic is the place to go if you want this time to be your last time.

What is Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is a complex disorder that involves both an addiction of some sort and a psychological disorder of some kind. The two (or more) disorders mesh as one, and both aspects of dual diagnosis disorders can fuel the other. Conversely, addiction can result from psychological disorders, and psychological disorders can result from addiction. Further, a person with a dual diagnosis may suffer from more than one addiction and or more than one psychological disorder. A dual diagnosis often goes unnoticed and undiagnosed for years because the people and the professionals surrounding the patient subscribe visible psychological disorder symptoms to being symptomatic of active addiction.

Treatment Options for Dual Diagnosis Conditions

People with dual diagnosis disorders must treat both problems together and not one or the other. This is why many patients go from rehab to rehab. It's because these rehabs only treat addiction but neglect to recognize the co-occurring psychological disorders accompanying the addictions. Treating addiction without treating the psychological aspect is setting up the patient to relapse every time.

Choose the Crosby Clinic for Scientific Dual Diagnosis Treatment in San Diego

At the Crosby Clinic, we utilize non12-Step treatment techniques that focus on rewiring the brain, destroying destructive pathways and creating new, healthy pathways. Rather than a religious or step-based program, the Crosby Clinic treats dual diagnosis disorders from a scientific standpoint, and that may be why our results are superior. Google "Dual diagnosis treatment near me," and select the Crosby Clinic.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Me
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