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An eating disorder is a mental illness that causes those afflicted to radically change their intake of food, obsessing over what and how they eat to the point that it takes over their lives. These disorders can be a way to cope with stress, fear, pain, or a reaction to societal or interpersonal pressure to look a certain way. Eating disorders can consist of eating too much food or too little, or a combination of both binge eating and fasting. These disorders are increasingly common, with around 10 million people suffering from some type of eating disorder. A disorder can occur at any age or at any time, but in many cases, the symptoms of an eating disorder are first noted in teenagers and young adults.

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Like most mental illnesses, there are a variety of different types of eating disorders, with each individual having unique experiences, symptoms, and struggles. No experience with an eating disorder is the same, and although there are 3 distinct kinds of eating disorders, many can show symptoms of all three at different junctures.


Also known as anorexia nervosa, anorexia is an eating disorder where those afflicted barely eat, getting far fewer calories than required to live a healthy life. By barely eating, the goal is rapid weight loss or to continue to maintain a weight that is far below what is considered normal, doing significant damage to their body in the process. Those with anorexia are consumed by their weight and obsess over their caloric intake and the way their body looks.


Also known as bulimia nervosa, bulimia is a disorder characterized by secretly overeating food, followed by getting the food and calories out of the system by either vomiting, excessive exercise, or laxatives. The process is commonly known as binging and purging, and it has drastic health implications. Those with bulimia usually are constantly dieting and avoiding eating foods they crave, only to give in to the cravings in one wild act of gluttony. Once they are done binging, the guilt of what they have consumed leads them to try to erase the mistake by purging themselves of the calories as quickly as possible. The endless binge and purge cycle means the individual never truly reaches their desired weight, only leading to more dissatisfaction with the way they look and their weight.

Binge Eating

Binge eating is out-of-control overeating to the point that they are actually in physical discomfort. Binge eaters often feel as if they are not in control of their cravings, and when binge eating they can feel helpless to stop eating. Binge eating is often closely tied to depression, anxiety, and loneliness, with these feelings exacerbated by the shame and weight gain that comes with binging. Those who binge eat are usually overweight and attempt to make up for it by dieting and fasting afterward.

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A rehab or cookie-cutter treatment program isn’t good enough. Research shows and we recognize that you are unique and your situation is different than others. That’s why, with advanced technology and an experienced treatment team, we can and will individualize a treatment and recovery program to personally fit your needs. When you come to the Crosby Eating Disorder Treatment Center for an accurate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, we meet you where you’re at, and everyone works together as a team with you personally.

We fully realize that you don’t want to wrestle with depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue or the shame and guilt for the rest of your life. If you have characteristics of an eating disorder, those are the symptoms of an illness that will impair your health and ability to appreciate who you are until the underlying issues are identified and successfully resolved. When it comes to complex eating disorders, we integrate:

  • A dual diagnostic approach – Treating both the symptoms as well as the underlying psychiatric disorders.
  • Neuro and biofeedback scans – Employing high-tech scanning to map out the way your brain functions down to the chemical level.
  • Outpatient support – After your rehabilitation period, the Crosby Clinic provides ongoing counseling, classes, and programs to foster continued positive growth.

Through these methods we help you gain a “bigger picture” of how the eating disorder affects your thoughts and behaviors, increasing the likelihood of a complete recovery.

Treatment For Eating Disorders In San Diego At The Crosby Clinic

The Crosby Clinic offers the best treatment for eating disorders in San Diego. Our skilled and knowledgeable team can help you or someone you love overcome an eating disorder and develop healthy eating habits. We accept most major insurances. Contact us now to begin conquering your eating disorder and regain control of your life! Just call 760-753-1234 now!