Exercise To Help You Recover From Addiction

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Exercise To Help You Recover From Addiction

If you have ever completed inpatient rehab or went to the Crosby Clinic for outpatient treatment programs, you may recognize the long road ahead of you. This may make you anxious, depressed, or even more sensitive to pain. These are all common reactions for individuals in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Sometimes, it may even seem like you are no getting as much pleasure out of your favorite activities. In order to deal with these negative feelings and emotions, you may want to consider adding exercise to your daily routine.

Why Should You Exercise?

Exercising not only provides endless positive benefits for maintaining a healthier lifestyle, but it can also help individuals struggling with addiction in several ways. When a person engages in substance abuse, it often results in the production of endorphins and euphoria. By implementing exercise into your daily routine, you are able to experience this same positive reinforcement in a much healthier manner. Exercise can naturally replenish the endorphins that have been depleted by substance abuse.

Implementing exercise into your daily routine not only causes the production of endorphins, but it can help elevate your mood and help you feel happier and more motivated throughout the day.

Eating Right Is Important Too

In addition to exercising, it is crucial to implement a healthy diet. Eating the right foods can help boost your energy and help you get more out of your exercising routines. Exercising effectively helps individuals by elevating their levels of endorphins, elevating their moods, and reducing stress and depression. Individuals who implement exercise and a healthy diet into their daily lives often gain self-confidence that carries them through sobriety.

If you are not a big fan of exercising, try not to look at it as a negative thing. You do not need to work out to be the next Olympian. You can engage in mild to moderate exercise and still experience a dramatic positive change in your mood.

There are several things you can incorporate into your exercise routine. If you have a dog, take it for a walk. Get the family involved in kayaking or go on a charity walk or run.

Another extremely beneficial way to increase your endorphin levels is through the use of music. Attend a high school or college football game to listen to the marching band or even incorporate your favorite music into your exercise routine. Listening to music while exercising can help motivate you to stay active.

Exercise Your Way Through Recovery

At the Crosby Clinic, we recognize the benefits exercise, and healthy eating has on a person’s life, especially when it comes to combating addiction. We offer nutritional education, healthy physical activities, and an array of therapies that help patients develop stronger minds, bodies, and spirits in drug rehab. Individuals can utilize our treatment programs to take back control of their lives and established healthier lifestyles that can carry them through sobriety successfully. Contact the Crosby Clinic at (760) 751-1234 to speak with an intake specialist so you can get started as soon as possible.

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