How Individuals Enable Their Loved One’s Addiction

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How Individuals Enable Their Loved One’s Addiction

Families that have a member battling addiction are often at a loss on how they should react. Quite often they are scared for their loved one and walk on eggshells to keep them happy. Quite often, families lie to others about the addict’s actions and behavior in order to cover for them. They will take responsibility for their actions, provide financial assistance, and make strides to cover a person’s habits.

These are all actions of enabling addiction and they should not continue. At the Crosby Clinic, we encounter addicts that have spent their family’s money, stolen from them, and broke their trust just to get high. It is crucial for addicts to get drug treatment so they can deal with these problems in a healthy and effective manner.

How Families Enable Addicts

There are numerous things families do that enable addicts to continue active destructively. Doing so prevents them from getting the substance abuse help they need to live a happier and healthier life. These are some leading ways families enable addicts every day.

They feed into denial. Families often turn away from an addict’s actions. They ignore signs of addictive behavior and turn against friends and family members that hint about a person having an addiction. Quite often, individuals lie to themselves or blame themselves for someone developing an addiction. It is important to be proactive instead of reactive in this situation. By confronting the addiction constructively and without judgment you are more likely to help your loved one get drug treatment.

Make excuses for an addict or cover up their behavior.  Some ways family members do this is by calling them out of work sick when they are high or drunk, cover up their actions to avoid fighting with others, make excuses for their use, and cover them so they do not get in trouble at work, school, or with the law. These actions only make the cycle worse for an addict.

Pick up the slack around the house. Addicts often neglect responsibilities in the home. This can place a lot of emotional, financial, and physical stress on others. By doing extra chores, taking on more responsibilities with the kids, or working extra hours, you are enabling addicts to continue neglecting what they truly need to do.

Finance their lives. Quite often, families neglect their own financial responsibilities in order to support those of an addict. They will often give them money for food, bills, or utilities, which is often used for drugs instead. Families often neglect to pay their own bills to make sure their loved one’s are paid, regardless of if they actually need the money or spend it on the bills.

Use with the addict or provide drugs for them. Families often find themselves in the mindset of ‘if they get it from me, I know they are safe’. This leads them to provide the addict with their substances and/or use it with them.

How To Get Them Help

If someone you know is battling a substance use disorder, it is crucial for you to stop enabling the behavior. You need to encourage your loved one to get drug treatment as soon as possible before their addiction takes their life. Contact our trained professionals at the Crosby Clinic by calling (760) 751-1234. We have a variety of drug and alcohol treatment programs available to help.

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