Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans

How Medically Assisted Treatment Can Help

Individualized Addiction Treatment Plans

In order to effectively treat a patient’s addiction, it is imperative to understand how their addiction impacts their life. This is one of the key reasons why we use individualized treatment plans at the Crosby Clinic. Utilizing this approach enables us to find out what works for each specific patient in order to provide them with the best chance of long-term sobriety.

Why Individualized Treatment Programs Are Used

Individualized treatment programs give patients access to treatment programs that are designed specifically for them. These plans are designed to help patients deal with the physical and mental demands of their addiction.

Each patient has a unique set of needs. The ways in which addiction impacts the patient will have a tremendous impact on what type of treatment will actually work for them. There is no “one size fits all” drug treatment for addiction. Each person is truly as unique as the history that surrounds their addiction.

Individualized treatment plans are unique in that they determine treatment by the basis of the clinical severity of their addiction and not just a matter of what type of addiction they are dealing with. Although patients may be battling the same type of drug addiction, they are not ever battling the addiction in the same way.

How To Determine Individualized Treatment Plans

Each patient who enters into the Crosby Clinic undergoes numerous tests. These tests help professionals gauge their level of substance abuse, the severity of their addiction, how often they are using, and what underlying conditions or concerns are contributing to their addiction.

Related physical health concerns are examined, and doctors work to uncover what triggers may contribute to the patient’s use and their chances of relapsing. Professionals work to find out specific stressors in each patient’s life and determine the best approach to combat the stressors.

Benefits Of Individualized Treatment Programs

Individualized treatment programs provide numerous benefits to patients suffering from addiction. Some of the key benefits of this approach include:

  • Helping patients manage physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health concerns surrounding their addictions
  • Views addiction as a “disease” and not a moral failing
  • Implements multiple forms of therapy to help patients in a variety of ways
  • Tests and treats co-occurring health problems and diseases alongside their addictions
  • Determines any psychological problems that contribute to their addiction
  • Establishes a strong social recovery network patients can utilize outside of rehab to connect the bridges between socialization and alienation they often suffer from as a result of their addictions

Get Substance Abuse Help At The Crosby Clinic

Our medical professionals at the Crosby Clinic perform numerous tests to determine specific characteristics of each patient’s addiction. Our staff conducts blood tests, psychological testing, clinical assessments, and brain scans to determine the severity of addiction each patient is suffering from. These tests aim to determine the best treatment options that will provide the best outcome. Contact our clinic at (760) 751-1234 to see how our drug program can help you combat addiction once and for all.

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