Individualized Treatment

The Crosby Clinic, Proven Results

How many ways have you tried to regain control of your life? The Crosby Clinic offers individualized programs:

Why the Crosby Clinic? A reputation for getting results. At the Crosby Clinic, each patient processes through multiple psychological tests, panel work-ups, brain scans and clinical assessments. You get the best when a team of doctors all participate on only 16 patients.

Unlike most drug rehab hospital social group sessions, the Crosby Clinic, with advanced technology and a team of doctors and specialists, provide patients with a truly individualized clinical holistic treatment approach and the reputation is results.

Yes, it’s a non-12 step rehab program. Most patients are referred from insurance companies, previous patients, hospitals, professionals and EAPA-Corp. referrals. Crosby has a proven clinical holistic approach that has earned a reputation for getting results.

Yes, Insurance Accepted And Financing Available

Most major insurance is accepted. Call and speak to a Crosby insurance specialist at 877-577-3422 who can verify your coverage and work with your insurance company to get you the maximum benefits.

Most drugs are toxic with side effects and are approved for temporary use. The Crosby Clinic holistic treatments have helped hundreds of Americans recover. Call or visit the the Crosby Clinic, we can help you find the cause and fix it for the rest of your life.