Meet Our Doctors

Doctors At The Crosby Clinic Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

The Crosby Clinic in Escondido is the premier dual diagnosis research facility in San Diego. By identifying and treating the underlying causes behind addiction and other disorders, we help our patients reclaim their lives. We only employ the very best minds in the treatment of substance abuse, traumatic brain injury and mental disorders and we are proud to welcome Dr. Mark Shaffer and Dr. Kent Layton as our new Medical Director and Clinical Director, respectively.

Dr. Mark Shaffer Is The Medical Director Of The Crosby Clinic

Dr. Mark Shaffer has authored many clinical articles and text books mostly relating to head and neck trauma. He also served four years as coeditor for The Journal of Trauma and is the author and editor of Geriatric Emergencies (a clinical textbook).

A Chicago native, Dr. Shaffer was appointed Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Chicago and was integral in the development of Chicago’s Trauma protocol. Later, he served as a civilian contractor for Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital and was responsible for Emergency Medicine and Out Patient Services during Desert Storm. He received the Civilian Meritorious Award for his efforts in education, disaster planning and civilian/military clinical services integration.

Currently, Dr. Shaffer is the Medical Director of The Crosby Clinic, a substance abuse and traumatic brain injury center in Escondido. Dr. Shaffer has dedicated his life to Emergency Medicine, Disaster Planning and Paramedic education.

Dr. Kent Layton Is The Clinical Director Of The Crosby Clinic

Dr. Kent Layton has spent 30 years working with patients suffering from severe mental health issues. As a clinical psychologist, he served 15 years as the Assistant Director of Psychological Services at Alvarado Parkway Institute Behavioral Health Systems. He has also served as the Director of Intern Training at the San Diego Parkinson’s Association. Currently, Dr. Layton is the Clinical Director of The Crosby Clinic, a substance abuse and traumatic brain injury center in Escondido. He also has a private practice in San Diego and provides expert testimony in Federal Court cases.

In 1997, Dr. Layton was awarded the Mental Health Professional of the Year for San Diego County. Other accolades include National Institute of Mental Health Leadership Award, Vice President, key note speaker and lifetime achievement award winner for the California Depressive and Bipolar Support Alliance (the largest consumer support organization in the United States).

He has dedicated his life to his patients and the development of coping skills that change and enrich lives.