Outpatient Rehab San Diego

If you need urgent professional assistance to deal with your substance addiction, Crosby Clinic is one phone call away! Don’t wait for your problems to worsen! Both drug addiction and alcoholism can become vicious and highly debilitating over time. They can lead to severe cognitive and emotional damages, organ failure, and death as a result.

Our outpatient rehab in San Diego is your best shot at preventing these outcomes. If you don't know what to expect in the professional rehab business, here’s something to fill you in:

Advanced diagnosis

The diagnosis strategy is imperative when looking to determine your clinical profile. The rehab treatment will rely on these findings for increased effectiveness and long-term benefits. During the diagnosis procedure, we might also use brain scanning, to look for additional brain problems, including brain trauma and signs of co-occurring disorders.

It’s this advanced and comprehensive diagnosis system that allows us to create a personalized rehab strategy for the best results. Our experts will supervise your progress at all times, adjusting the treatment whenever necessary.

Medication detox

The first thing we’ll do is to contain the withdrawal and eliminate its symptoms. Whether you suffer from advanced forms of withdrawal, or you’re on the lower part of the spectrum, the detox procedure is a must. It will help balance your chemical composure in the brain, reduce your behavioral instability, and help you recover faster.

Overcoming the withdrawal is one of the most challenging parts in the rehab process. Our outpatient rehab in San Diego will allow you all the freedom to remain socially active while participating in the rehabilitation program. The medical detox will help you overcome withdrawal and stay sober in the long run.

Professional therapeutic support

The detoxification process is merely the first stage in the rehab strategy. But it doesn’t represent the core of the process. While medication is vital when fighting withdrawal and containing your cravings, our advanced psychotherapies work wonders with regards to the mental and emotional recovery.

Our therapies will help you:

  • Improve your state of mind
  • Escape depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other behavioral disorders
  • Overcome the negative thoughts, and embrace positivism
  • Learn how to live free and happy
  • Rebuild your life as a sober, responsible individual

Our goal is to see you leave drugs and alcohol behind, and embrace the new ‘you.’ And it all starts in our center in San Diego.

Managing the traumatic brain injuries

Some people have experienced, at some point, brain traumas that still impact their lives to this day. In many cases, it’s these injuries that cause their behavioral changes and lead them to a path of substance abuse.

We use brain scanning as part of the diagnosis process, to identify and classify these brain problems, no matter their cause. During the rehab treatment, we’ll also use advanced treatment methods, specifically designed for these situations. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is but one of them.

Call in at Crosby Clinic, and ask for more details on our outpatient rehab in San Diego! We’ll have your specialists ready to take your case.

Outpatient Rehab San Diego
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