Overcome Drug Addiction

Overcome Drug Addiction

Overcome Drug Addiction

What is it about addiction that makes it nearly impossible for a person to just q1uit? Families who have loved ones struggling with addiction often exhaust nearly every resource they have to save their son or daughter from this horrific disease. Families going through this experience for the first time may feel lost and alone. Unfortunately, they are not going through this alone. We see families every day at the Crosby Clinic struggling to come to terms with their loved one’s suffering. Addiction is something thousands of families deal with every single day. Thankfully, there are various treatment programs available for those struggling.

Getting Substance Abuse Help

There are several drug treatment programs available to help individuals overcome their addictions. One of the biggest mistakes families make while searching for effective treatment is to listen to what the addict says. This is particularly true in situations where the addict says they will not go to drug rehab or that they will only go to outpatient treatment programs. Although these forms of treatment can help those struggling with addiction, it is not ideal for individuals who are heavily addicted or those addicted to extremely potent substances.

Not All Treatment Is The Same

Another mistake families make in determining the appropriate treatment plan is to assume that all treatment programs are the same. Drug addiction and alcoholism are conditions that impact individuals differently. Each person struggling with addiction deals with various problems and issues in their own way. For this reason, it is imperative to select treatment programs that accurately reflect the unique needs of the person struggling. At the Crosby Clinic, we offer individualized treatment plans which are crafted for each patient based on various test results and health screenings.

Treatment Programs Can Help

Individuals who are struggling with addiction should get substance abuse help as soon as possible. Implementing an appropriate treatment plan can help your loved one overcome their addiction effectively. Most treatment programs begin by implementing a detox program. Depending on the type of substance, and the severity of addiction, your loved one may see better results by undergoing a medically assisted detox program. These programs implement the use of medications, like Vivitrol, which cut back cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms as individuals detox.

After detox, individuals are encouraged to remain at our Escondido inpatient rehab to receive counseling, group therapy, nutritional education, and participate in various physical activities. Patients learn effective coping skills that help them combat addictions once they re-enter society. By learning healthy habits and nutrition, addicts can incorporate healthier lifestyle choices into their daily lives to ensure they remain substance-free long-term.

The Crosby Clinic Can Help

Individuals who are in need of substance abuse help can go to the Crosby Clinic for assistance. Our medical professionals are available 24-hours a day to help those struggling get the drug treatment they need to live happier and healthier lives. Contact our clinic by calling (760) 751-1234 to speak with an intake specialist to get started today.

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