The Crosby Clinic offers a wide variety of programs designed specifically to meet each individual’s needs. Whether patients need a short outpatient program to reset their recovery, a longer-term residential plan with the option for sober living, or a safe and comfortable detox process for issues with substance abuse, we provide it all. In addition, our trusted team of legal, financial and career advisors help prepare individuals for life outside of treatment through our holistic treatment programs.

The Crosby Clinic Offers The Following Programs:

Drug Rehab

Individuals are referred to the Crosby Clinic, because we are the most advanced, comprehensive, individualized and effective clinic for accurate dual diagnosis treatments and we have a reputation for results. We have multiple doctors and specialists who, together, coordinate treatments, minimizing most medications with the aid of neuro- and biofeedback treatments. With advanced, new technology, our doctors have taken the guess work out of treatment, and you will see the adjustments for results on live monitors.
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Non-12-Step Rehab

Non-12-step rehab is finding and fixing the problem. Many people have heard of and tried the 12-step drug and alcohol rehabs and many have continued anxiety and relapses. Alcohol abuse or drug dependency is typically uncontrollable self-medication of anxiety, fear or a situation that is painful and consumes one’s life. Many drug rehabs and hospitals provide 12-step programs for the simplicity, social support of others and low cost. Yes, there is some relief, but continued anxiety just brings back relapses.
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BE SAFE: painful withdrawals and seizures can be devastating – for the rest of your life. That is why The Crosby Clinic offers medically-supervised detox, safely and in comfort, CONFIDENTIALLY. Most patients are referred by previous patients, hospitals, professionals and insurance companies. Crosby has a proven, clinical medically-monitored approach that has earned a reputation for being a pain-free, comfortable form of detox.
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Individualized Treatment

How many ways have you tried to regain control of your life? The Crosby Clinic offers individualized programs. Why the Crosby Clinic? A reputation for getting results. At the Crosby Clinic, each patient processes through multiple psychological tests, panel work-ups, brain scans and clinical assessments. You get the best when a team of doctors all participate on only 16 patients.
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14 – 90 Day Program

Crosby’s 14-90 flexible day programs focus on identifying the root causes of the emotional feelings, thoughts, unrest and fears, past situations or events that subconsciously haunt you that lead to self-medicating for relief. Often left untreated or misdiagnosed, bipolar disorder, PTSD, bereavement, inappropriate sexual encounters, etc. can lead to eating disorders and other self-medicating conditions that go from bad to worse. You are left with a label, medications and the problem.
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Outpatient Treatment

Drugs and alcohol coupled with other addictions or unresolved psychological issues have a devastating impact on careers, relationships, children and their futures, parents and friends, marriages, and the entire family. The Crosby Clinic outpatient treatment centers offer detox, individualized drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs with family education that help you and your family heal the wounds of the past and set expectations and goals for the future. This includes controlled detox, drug counseling, career skills and planning, and family groups.
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Dual Diagnosis

Tracked through years of research and treatment at The Crosby Clinic, our team most often finds the psychological issue occurs first. The illness leads to self-medicating behaviors, such as alcohol or drug consumption, for relief. This leads to a chemical imbalance in the brain, and, as a result, the drug or alcohol abuse can evolve into dependency. People often experience cravings, impulsivity and behavioral problems.
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