The Crosby Clinic / SHARP Mesa Vista Hospital Detox

BE SAFE: painful withdrawals and seizures can be devastating – for the rest of your life. That is why The Crosby Clinic offers medically-supervised detox, safely and in comfort, CONFIDENTIALLY.

Most patients are referred by previous patients, hospitals, professionals and insurance companies. Crosby has a proven, clinical medically-monitored approach that has earned a reputation for being a pain-free, comfortable form of detox.

The Crosby Clinic helps to provide you with access to a safe, comfortable, clinically-advanced detox treatment process. After detox at SHARP Mesa Vista Hospital, you have the option to stay in a comfortable residential setting. Our number one concern is your comfort and well being at The Crosby Clinic. You will experience a medically-monitored complete detox utilizing medication to relieve the effects of drug or alcohol withdrawal.

Safe, Medically-Monitored Detox

Heated massage contour beds help to provide that extra comfort. Based upon our doctors assessment and diagnosis for your detox protocol, medications are supervised by a Registered Nurse and monitored throughout your detox. Crosby offers the latest and most advanced post-detox treatment today, confidentially. Your safety is most important!

The chances of seizures, sweats and pain with unsupervised detox are great. At SHARP Mesa Vista Hospital you are monitored 24 hours throughout your process in comfort. Our facility is designed for your comfort.

From 900 thread-count sheets to flat screen TVs in every room, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible to begin the healing process your mind and body deserve. Regain control of your life again, today.

Covered by Insurance

Crosby programs are so effective they are covered by most insurance. You can recover now in safety and comfort today!

All Detox Treatment is conducted at SHARP Mesa Vista Hospital.

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