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PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder deeply affects the patient, and everyone who cares about this person. Fear, head injuries and emotional occurrences left unresolved usually set up in auto-memory defense (amygdala) and fear triggers go from bad to increasingly worse, often leading to violence, illness, compulsive addictions and, many times, suicide.

Most PTSD or trauma cases are misdiagnosed as ADHD or bipolar disorder, and counseling and prescriptions are often the only proposed solution. You are left with a label, multiple medications and the unresolved problem.

Dual Diagnosis PTSD Treatment In Escondido, CA

The Crosby Clinic offers brain scans that show and identify the factors which may contribute to your fear, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, self-medicating addictions, and emotional behavior.

The Crosby Clinic can help you find the root cause of your emotional mood swings, panic attacks and provide PTSD treatment options to end the pain. Our INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAMS and successes are recognized by our patients, national media, and insurance companies alike.

Benefit From Crosby’s Experience And Advanced Technology In Treating PTSD

Research shows that every 19 minutes someone dies of an overdose. We have treated many military, police, firemen and NFL players, for traumatic brain injury, PTSD, sexual abuse, OCD and emotional delusion disorders, and we get results. MOST insurance is accepted for payment!

Today, individuals are referred to the Crosby Clinic, because we are the most technically advanced, thorough and effective clinic for accurate diagnosis and effective treatments – and we get results. We know that the hippocampus and amygdala are our brains first automatic line of defense and are significantly instrumental in our emotional behavior (PTSD, OCD, panic attacks, fear, etc.). At The Crosby Clinics, specific treatments are individually defined by multiple tests and an experienced team of doctors who get results, measured throughout the week with both Neurofeedback and Biofeedback reports. Crosby is a treatment facility unlike any other.

Cutting Edge Brain Imaging To Treat PTSD At The Crosby Clinic

Unlike most, we can perform state-of-the-art SPECT-brain photo imaging and the new, advanced QEEG-scans of all 19 neuro-brain functions (seeing on a monitor what is normal and what is your brain doing), in addition to multiple psychological tests and pathology evaluations. We have multiple doctors (MDs of psychiatry) and specialists (integrated EMDR, CBT, DBT, etc. therapy) who, together, coordinate treatments. They minimize most medications with the aid of Neuro and Biofeedback monitoring that can measure the effectiveness of the therapy. With new technology, our advanced Escondido PTSD Treatment technology has taken the guesswork out of treatment and you will see that we get results unlike any other.

You can just rehab a problem, or most PPO insurance will pay for accurate diagnosis and integrated individualized treatment at the Crosby Clinic. Just complete the insurance form or call (760) 751-1234, and an insurance specialist will help you.

Common Causes Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is triggered by events that set up reminders in the hippocampus (memory) of your brain, causing an over-active amygdala (your auto-defense controller) and resulting in mood swings and compulsive violence. These can include:

  • Physical or emotional abuse (spousal-family)
  • Auto and violent accidents
  • Assaults (sexual-battery)
  • Being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness
  • Living through a natural disaster, loss of a loved one!

It is important to note that PTSD can be present, even if you don’t remember the specific incident (e.g., parents fighting or getting divorced when you are a child), that fear records. However, this can be triggered throughout your life and controlling your overall quality of life.

20 veterans commit suicide every day, according to Department of Veterans Affairs.

Our PTSD treatment Escondido Clinic counselors are available to talk to you about PTSD now. Just call (760) 751-1234.

For Results, Call Crosby’s PTSD Treatment Clinic In Escondido & San Diego, California

Because of the Crosby PTSD Treatment Clinic, successful results in diagnosing and treating psychological disorders, we are a primary referral treatment source for PTSD, traumas and dual diagnosis, compulsive emotional disorders, and more. We are dedicated to making adjustments and a positive change in your life:

  • Dual diagnosis – Assessing conditions and psychological issues that may have lead to drug, alcohol self-medicating, or behavioral disorders.
  • Neuroscience Institute – Advanced brain-scanning technology that can identify brain damage or abnormal conditions or functionality of the brain causing behaviors.
  • Intensive Individualized Integrated EMDR-DBT-CBT, etc. psychological treatments – After your adjustment and stabilization through the treatment process, local therapeutic sessions and wellness, health and lifestyle planning is prepared with discharge (i.e., an optional follow-up for up to 6 months of support and assured results).

The Crosby Neuroscience Institute has national recognition for mental health and clinical research. There is an entire department dedicated to the neurological studies, tests and integrated, new advanced proven treatments. Each patient is supported with follow-up, extensive wellness and lifestyle rehabilitation.

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