Recovery Is For Life

Recovery Is For Life

For an individual battling a substance use disorder, treatment programs are just the beginning of a brand new life. Without a doubt, it took several years for you to get to this point and it will take a few more to get to where you want to be. Although this may be a seemingly impossible task, it is truly a journey you will be thankful for taking and our team at The Crosby Clinic is here to help you along the way.

Over twenty million Americans are dealing with a substance use disorder, while 23.5 million are in recovery. This number is roughly 10% of Americans, which are mostly hidden in plain sight.

The Sad And Scary Truth About Battling Addiction

A report produced by Faces and Voices or Recovery showed that addicts battle addiction for an average of 18-years before they opt for substance abuse help. The majority of individuals in recovery are around the age of 36-years-old and they have spent nearly 10-years in recovery.

Changes to the healthcare laws over the last several years have greatly improved access to treatment for individuals battling addiction. Most healthcare plans on the market now over full coverage for treatment or they can pay the majority of costs associated with residential rehabilitation treatment programs.

Why Is Recovery Important?

Individuals that go through drug and alcohol rehabilitation show a drastic improvement in nearly all areas of their lives. They have an easier time managing their finances and health and they experience better quality relationships with friends and family members. Not only are they more likely to get along with other members in their community better, but they are better able to maintain employment long-term. Addicts that go through drug rehab often experience:

  • Having an improved ability to manage finances
  • A better ability to pay bills and plan financially for the future
  • They are less likely to be arrested and engage in domestic violence
  • They benefit from more family and friend activities and outings
  • They are more likely to engage in work or educational programs at a steady rate
  • They are able to address both mental and emotional health problems
  • They are more likely to engage in community activities and events

As recovery continues outside of rehab, addicts generally increase their involvement in activities around the community. They implement nutritional education learned in programs when making food choices and they are more likely to engage in healthy activities and exercise.

Recovery Is Possible

If you are still struggling to combat your addiction, it may be difficult to visualize your life without substance use. There truly is a better life waiting for you after your life of addiction. Recovery isn’t just a phase you go through: it is for life. It is a real and continual process that will drive you successfully through the rest of your life. Not only will you drastically improve the quality of your life, but you will be able to see positive changes in your friends, family, and community as well. Call our intake specialists at the Crosby Clinic at (760)751-1234 to get started on your journey of recovery.

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