The Role Of Holistic Activities In Recovery

The Role Of Holistic Activities In Recovery

Very few people truly understand the positive impact holistic activities have on people through recovery. At the Crosby Clinic, we employ numerous holistic methods during drug rehab that help improve the mind, body, and soul of every person going through recovery. Our commitment to helping patients achieve long-term sobriety is one of the reasons we follow the holistic model.

A lot of people wonder if holistic therapy is effective for everyone or just certain people. They often wonder exactly what holistic activities are and how they will even help.

What Is Holistic Therapy?

This type of therapy is often misunderstood. Some types of holistic therapy utilize medications where others implement all-natural measures and alternative medicines. The bottom line is this type of therapy, no matter what measures are implemented into the treatment plan, they focus on improving the mind, body, and spirit of individuals engaging in these activities. When it comes to addiction, holistic therapy tends to be one of the most proven effective treatment options. Some principles of holistic medicine and therapy include:

  • Using safe and effective therapeutic options
  • Combining medical, dietary, psychological, physical and spiritual healing, and educational methods into each treatment plan
  • Encouraging patient autonomy and communication between doctors and patients
  • Finding the root of the disease instead of just targeting the symptoms
  • Empower the patient’s emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing

These treatment methods are often implemented in helping patients in treatment programs for substance abuse because they are extremely reliable. Patients utilize holistic therapies in order to manage every aspect of their addiction. Individuals create healthier habits, make better decisions, and learn techniques for living happier and healthier lives.

The Holistic Approach Fine Tunes Recovery

It is important to understand how holistic treatment options help patients in drug rehab. Beginning with detox, patients begin focusing on their physical well being. They work to reduce stress and improve their mental health so they can better deal with stressful situations and fears once they re-enter society.

Individuals can incorporate numerous methods of therapy into their daily routine in order to establish new healthier habits. Incorporating art therapy enhances patients’ wellbeing by letting them express themselves creatively. This improves their self-esteem and helps bring a greater sense of joy in their life. Adding meditation or prayer requires intense concentration that helps individuals focus intently on their path to recovery.

Acupuncture is another form of holistic therapy that involves creatively inserting needles into various points of the body. This reduces withdrawal symptoms and helps manage drug cravings and reduce muscle aches naturally.

Get Help Now At The Crosby Clinic

At the Crosby Clinic, we focus on helping patients empower themselves throughout recovery. We utilize numerous holistic treatment options to help patients every day in drug rehab. Through implementing various activities and therapies, patients become self-advocates and are more determined to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. If you or someone you know is in need of substance abuse help, contact our clinic at (760) 751-1234 to see what options are available for you.

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