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Cocaine Induced Insomnia

Cocaine is an extremely powerful drug that, without substance abuse help, can have a very damaging impact on a person’s health. Cocaine works by causing an intense rush of energy in users. This can create an increased feeling of euphoria. Unfortunately, when this effect wears off, it often causes insomnia in users. At the Crosby Clinic, we help patients battling this addiction in drug rehab so they can get back to a substance-free life. Using Cocaine And Developing Insomnia Individuals often choose cocaine as a [...]

The Impact Of Drug Use On The Family

Drug use can have a ravaging impact on a person’s life. It can disrupt their thoughts and brain function. It can cause them to lose their jobs or give up on their education plans. They can damage relationships beyond repair. Unfortunately, addicts are not generally the only ones to suffer. Quite often, entire families are negatively impacted by this horrendous disease. At the Crosby Clinic, we recognize how much damage drug use can have on the home. For this [...]

Can Your Sex Determine Your Chances Of Becoming An Addict?

Generally, addiction has no limits on who and when it will wreak havoc. Any person, no matter their age, income, or religion is susceptible to becoming a victim of addiction. At the Crosby Clinic, we have many individuals come into our residential rehabilitation treatment program looking for help in dealing with their addictions. Unfortunately, the chance of developing an addiction is much higher for men than women. A 2014 report found that more males were afflicted by substance use disorders [...]