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Cocaine’s Effects On The Brain

Alcohol Withdrawal Can Cause Seizures

During acute alcohol withdrawal, a person risks suffering from seizures. These are often characterized by muscle spasms, uncontrollable twitching, and convulsions. Additionally, individuals can suffer from nausea, insomnia, delirium tremors, anxiety, and hallucinations. At the Crosby Clinic, we provide a safe environment at our rehabilitation facilities for individuals to deal with alcohol withdrawal under the supervision of medical professionals. What Is Alcohol Withdrawal? When a person drinks excessively, they develop a dependency for it. This is characterized by extreme cravings, a tolerance leading to higher [...]

11 Facts About Drugs and Drug Use that You Might Not Know

Drugs and drug abuse have a very long and unusual history. Many are or were originally derived from plant sources, but became manufactured into things far more potent than their organic predecessors over time. Before people really had a chance to closely study the drugs and observe those who used them, they were widely thought to be beneficial for various reasons. Those benefits ranged from curing warts and colds to numbing a toothache and giving your soft drink a little [...]

Treating Opiate Addiction With Medication And Therapy

Benefits of Vivitrol in Addiction Withdrawal

Substance abuse withdrawal refers to symptoms that may occur when a person who is abusing a substance every day suddenly decides to quit. The more you use it, or the higher your tolerance for it, the more likely you are to develop more severe withdrawal symptoms when you stop using drugs or alcohol. This is why withdrawal should be medically supervised at all times, in order to prevent life threatening consequences. Contact the Crosby Clinic today for worry free drug and alcohol [...]