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More Ways To Convince My Adult Child To Go To Rehab

How Individuals Enable Their Loved One’s Addiction

Families that have a member battling addiction are often at a loss on how they should react. Quite often they are scared for their loved one and walk on eggshells to keep them happy. Quite often, families lie to others about the addict’s actions and behavior in order to cover for them. They will take responsibility for their actions, provide financial assistance, and make strides to cover a person’s habits. These are all actions of enabling addiction and they should [...]

Alcohol Advertisements And The Adolescent Mind

How Does Alcohol Abuse Affect Your Health

Alcohol can have a damaging impact on vital organs. Individuals that drink habitually are placing their bodies under immense stress. This can have a profound long-term effect on a person’s ability to function properly. At the Crosby Clinic, we encounter individuals battling alcohol addiction. Some individuals are able to reverse their health complications by getting alcohol treatment. The Impact Of Alcohol On The Body In the human body, alcohol works as a central nervous system depressant. It has stimulant properties that flood [...]

Cocaine Induced Insomnia

Cocaine is an extremely powerful drug that, without substance abuse help, can have a very damaging impact on a person’s health. Cocaine works by causing an intense rush of energy in users. This can create an increased feeling of euphoria. Unfortunately, when this effect wears off, it often causes insomnia in users. At the Crosby Clinic, we help patients battling this addiction in drug rehab so they can get back to a substance-free life. Using Cocaine And Developing Insomnia Individuals often choose cocaine as a [...]

Signs Your Loved One Is Drinking Too Much

Casual drinking can quickly escalate into a more serious problem. When this happens, individuals will exert severe changes in their behaviors. They may suffer in their relationships with friends and family members, they may exert numerous mental health problems, and they may change physically for the worse. At the Crosby Clinic, we work to help individuals combat alcohol addiction every single day. Getting the proper alcohol treatment will ensure you do not suffer health problems as a result of [...]