The Role Of Holistic Activities In Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

The Role Of Holistic Activities In Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

The Role Of Holistic Activities In Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

The Crosby Clinic implements an array of holistic treatment methods in the treatment programs we offer for patients overcoming their addictions. These treatment methods are often extremely effective in helping individuals overcome a wide variety of addictions.

In order to truly benefit from holistic activities in substance abuse treatment programs, it is crucial for you to understand the role in which these activities play. Very few people truly understand what holistic treatment methods involve. Few individuals understand the ways in which holistic therapy helps individuals recover from addiction. There are many things about this unique approach to drug treatment that you should know.

What Is Holistic Therapy?

For far too long, individuals have dubbed holistic therapy as some form of “wacky” alternative treatment method. While some forms of holistic therapy do utilize alternative medicine or even natural treatment methods, it is far more complex. Holistic treatment is an artistic and scientific form of healing that encompasses the person as a whole. Holistic therapy focuses on improving the spirit, mind, and body of those who utilize it in order to promote optimal health.

How Does Holistic Therapy Help?

Holistic therapy is effective for helping individuals overcome their addictions, regardless of what level of addiction from which they are suffering. Individuals are able to focus on their physical and mental health by implementing the principals of holistic medicine and therapies. These principles include:

  • Using safe and effective therapeutic options;
  • Integrating education, diet, spirituality, psychological, physical, and medical healing methods into treatment programs;
  • Trying to uncover the root of the addiction, rather than treating the symptoms of it;
  • Treating all diseases as a result of dysfunction, rather than any singular event;
  • Encouraging communication and autonomy between patients and physicians; and
  • Supporting consistent and continual mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of the patient.

These principles are extremely effective for substance abuse treatment, as they are designed to help individuals manage every aspect of their addiction.

Alternative Approaches In Holistic Treatment Programs

Holistic treatment programs often implement various alternative approaches that help individuals combat addiction effectively by improving every aspect of their health, mind, and spirit. Some of the most common approaches implemented in holistic treatment programs include:

  • Acupuncture;
  • Hypnosis;
  • Meditation;
  • Biofeedback;
  • Herbal therapy; and
  • Yoga.

Although each of these treatment methods is effective in helping individuals overcome addiction, they should not be implemented as a singular treatment method. Instead, they should be part of a complete treatment program that focuses on various aspects of the person as a whole. It is crucial to implement a healthy diet plan, regular exercise, and various therapies and counseling sessions to help individuals continue to improve in various ways.

Come See What The Crosby Clinic Has To Offer

Our medical professionals at the Crosby Clinic understand that overcoming addiction is often considered one of the most difficult tasks a person will ever accomplish. For this reason, we are constantly developing effective and beneficial treatment programs that help individuals overcome their addictions and live happier and healthier lives. We truly believe holistic treatment methods are some of the most beneficial for individuals who are struggling with addiction. Contact an intake specialist today at (760) 751-1234 to see how our treatment programs can help you.


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