The Science

“I was amazed when you showed me the areas of my brain that weren’t working properly on the monitor. You showed me my brain scans and Neurofeedback results on the computer screen. I watched my healing. I could actually see the changes I was feeling.” –T.T.

The Crosby Clinic Offers Recovery Grounded In Modern Neuroscience

Crosby NSI offers the most advanced research, diagnosis, and treatment for substance abuse and psychological disorders. NSI research and advanced science have revealed how the brain controls an addiction and your behavior. Today, with advanced scans Crosby can visually identify what is causing your problem!

Neuroscience Meets Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery

Over the past decade, substance abuse, prescriptions, and addictions have reached epic proportions. NSI research programs with the most advanced brain scan technology can identify:

  1. Behavior controls (psychological or chemical imbalances, addictions, and emotional malfunctions)
  2. Underlying & controlling addiction, anxiety and other emotional sufferings

We provide integrated therapy and treatments, including exercises for adjustments that work ‘holistically’ for recovery.

The Brain Changes With Psychological Emotions & Experiences

Your brain can be comfortably adjusted with appropriate integrated therapies. Substance abuse, compulsive addiction or emotional problems are driven by underlying thoughts and beliefs. This often leads to anxiety, sleepless nights and substance abuse that results in dependency or addictive behavior. When accurately diagnosed, our specialists provide neural integration adjustments, setting up emotional stability and actual healing for recovery.

Your neurological system is driven by psychological emotions. This directs everything we feel and do. Those underlying issue(s) set up neurological responses that “trigger” reactions such as PTSD, bipolar disorder, ADHD, borderline personality disorder, panic attacks, eating disorders, gambling, compulsive sexual disorders, substance abuse and more, all of which can lead to illicit self-medicating behaviors and acute addictions.

Brain Scans shows us the problem areas. Psychological tests tell us the emotional stress triggers. Neuro-QEEG bio monitoring show brain function.

Brain Scan To Diagnose Addiction, Depression & Anxiety

The dilemma for professional counselors and health care providers in trying to help most patients is making an accurate diagnosis. Is it brain conditions, abnormal functioning, a chemical imbalance or genetic predisposition? It is not the drugs, alcohol, emotional anxiety or eating disorder; it’s what is causing the brain to direct this abnormal behavior.

Alcoholic neuropathy is a condition involving decreased nerve function due to the damage caused by habitual alcohol abuse. The damage often affects the autonomic nerves (those that regulate internal body functions) and the nerves that control movement, continent, and sensation.

With Crosby NSI advanced technology, we look at images of the brain, see the conditions and brain functioning and then identify abnormalities that are controlling your emotions and addiction.

Brain Scans & Imagery Show PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Alcohol Addiction & More

Today, we know that PTSD, bipolar disorder, and alcohol can result in shrinkage of the prefrontal cortex, diminishing executive functions and memory and causing early dementia.

Our procedures are unquestionably NEW AGE and comprehensive in the psychological, drug treatment and drug rehab fields today.

Open the doors to your life today! If you are serious about finding the end to your struggles, call the Crosby Clinic. We can help you and your family. Ask for programs, details, and availability.

The brain has the plasticity to be adjusted, stabilized and stimulated for growth and recovery. Often these conditions are diagnosed in a clinic, based on symptoms and characteristics for insurance purposes and unfortunately seriously misdiagnosed.

Other Benefits Of The Crosby Clinic Dual Treatment Facility In San Diego

  • Tests and scans provide a reality for diagnosis.
  • Scans and imagery take out the guess work.
  • The result is effective treatments.
  • In typical rehab, you run a 95% risk of relapse.
  • The Crosby Clinic offers a FREE consultation.

Comfort, Safety, Privacy and Effective Treatments are just a phone call away at 1-760-751-1234. Results can vary depending on individual diagnosis and individual response to treatment. Crosby Accepts Most Major Insurance, so treatment at The Crosby Clinic can cost little to nothing!