Treating Addiction With Adventure Therapy

Treating Addiction With Adventure Therapy

Treating Addiction With Adventure Therapy

At the Crosby Clinic, we are firm believers in helping individuals get effective drug treatment through various holistic treatment options. One of the most beneficial treatment methods we have found is the use of adventure therapy. Adventure therapy is unique, in that it allows individuals to step outside of their comfort zone in order to achieve a safe and natural high that helps them effectively cope with addiction.

Adventure therapy allows individuals to immerse themselves in exciting new environments and situations that challenge their abilities while forcing them to adapt quickly to changes. Individuals learn various skills in adventure therapy that are effective in helping them gain personal strength and improve their focus. These qualities help individuals beat their addictions and maintain long-term sobriety. Adventure therapy is something that must be fully embraced in order for patients to receive their benefits.

Getting Used To Adventure Therapy

Individuals who are in drug rehab should be able to open up about their addictions in order to benefit from treatment methods. It is imperative for those struggling to be able to discuss their addictions openly.  Patients should be able to discuss the impact addiction has on their lives and ways in which they plan to move forward. Being able to discuss these details with others will provide them with the strength they need to finish their substance abuse treatment programs and create a perspective that they would otherwise not have had.

Before opening up about addiction, it is crucial for individuals to get settled in with the demand of adventure therapy. Even if you have gone through traditional drug rehab, you may not fully be prepared for everything you will experience. Individuals who go through adventure therapy will experience overwhelming physically challenging activities. Some of these activities include hiking, swimming, and mountain climbing.

These activities are designed to test your endurance and leave you with little energy to exercise. This feeling, combined with withdrawal treatment, will force you to adapt to change very quickly.

Settling In With Your Group

After you adapt to the challenges of adventure therapy, you can begin settling in with your group. You will need to get used to everyone’s unique personalities. Everyone will have their own stories to tell, which can help you get to know them better and learn why they chose to go through adventure therapy in drug rehab. As you begin to learn more about each member, you develop a sense of comfort with them that enables you to move forward together.

As you go through adventure therapy, continue to pay attention to those who support you throughout the process. Once you find those individuals who are willing to work with you and help you along your path toward sobriety, you can develop a support group where you all encourage each other.

Get Started At The Crosby Clinic

If you are struggling with addiction, it is crucial to get substance abuse help as soon as possible. The Crosby Clinic’s Escondido residential rehabilitation treatment program is effective in helping individuals overcome their addictions to live happier and healthier lives. Contact an intake specialist at (760) 751-1234 to get started now.



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