Treatment Center Escondido

If you have problems with narcotics or drinking, you need to come to Crosby Clinic as soon as possible! You have the best chances at recovery when in the early stages of the disorder. No matter the progression of the disease, however, there’s always hope for you.

Our treatment center in Escondido ranks among the leading rehab facilities in the business. This is where you need to be if you’re looking for fast, long-lasting results. Our treatment relies on a variety of procedures, making it highly reliable and unique in the business. These include:

Comprehensive diagnosis

The diagnosis process shouldn’t just outline the stage and the symptoms of the substance addiction. It should also highlight the co-occurring disorders, as well as any type of brain traumas and injuries that may have caused them in the first place. To increase the accuracy of our diagnosis system, we also use advanced brain scanning and imagery as one of the methods.

This will give us a deeper insight into your brain’s status, allowing our doctors to build a comprehensive treatment as a result. The diagnosis process will enable us to tailor the rehab program according to your medical profile. This will provide you with better, faster results than anywhere else.

A well-planned medication strategy

There are many reasons for using medication to stabilize a patient’s condition. These include:

  • Detoxifying the body
  • Eliminating the withdrawal
  • Controlling the cravings
  • Addressing the co-occurring disorders
  • Allow the patient to recover faster

Different rehab clinics use different approaches when it comes to the detoxification process. Ours is both simpler and more effective – we base it on your medical profile, increasing its effectiveness over time. It’s the ideal strategy when it comes to both stabilizing your condition fast and minimizing the risk for relapse in the future.

Therapies and psychological recovery

We need your mind and your spirit to heal along with the body. This philosophy is part of our holistic view, which says that, without treating the human as a whole, the healing process will remain incomplete and ineffective. We use numerous therapies and counseling sessions, with the purpose of restoring your mental and emotional functioning.

The success stories of our former patients speak volumes about the long-term effectiveness of our programs. With our help, you’ll:

  • Become more mentally and emotionally stable
  • Grow more positive in your everyday life
  • Learn how to enjoy the little things in life
  • Become independent and confident
  • Socialize easier, etc.

Lifestyle support

Medication and psychotherapies will do wonders in the initial phase of the treatment, as well as during the following period. But their effects don’t last forever. To correct that, you need to adjust your lifestyle accordingly. At our treatment center in Escondido, you’ll learn how to improve your diet, life a more active lifestyle, socialize more, and live your life as a free, happy individual.

Crosby Clinic is one of the leading rehab facilities you can find. Talk to us, tell us about your problems, and let’s work together at finding a solution!

Treatment Center Escondido
The Crosby Clinic
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