Your Secrets Are Making Things Worse

Your Secrets Are Making Things Worse

Your Secrets Are Making Things Worse

It is all too common for individuals to battle addiction in secrecy. Addicts often lie, fabricate excuses regarding their behaviors, and isolate themselves away from others in an effort to avoid questions and suspicion. Unfortunately, hiding an addiction is a clear sign that you are in need of substance abuse help as soon as possible. The Crosby Clinic offers various treatment programs that help patients take back control of their lives and combat their addictions once and for all.

Your Secrets Are Harming Others

Individuals who abuse drugs often lie to their loved ones. They may make excuses regarding their actions and behaviors. They may even lie and say they need money to take care of financial obligations when, in reality, they are taking the money for substance abuse.

Lying to your loved ones can cause immense damage to your relationships, completely disrupt your home life, and destroy any trust your family has for you. Keeping your addiction a secret is the main reason you are lying to your family. These secrets are having a damaging impact on the lives of those around you. They want to trust you and believe you, but your secrets often mislead them and prevent them from doing so.

Your Secrets Are Harming You

Maintaining your addiction has a damaging impact on your own life: your health is declining. Battling an addiction in secrecy means that you are not even close to getting the substance abuse help you need. As a result, you are suffering, physiologically and psychologically, at every use. Your vital organs are susceptible to damage every time you use. Prolonged and continual substance abuse can cause irreversible organ failure that eventually results in death. Furthermore, individuals who abuse substances in secret may suffer overdoses unbeknownst to family members. Without knowing the possibilities for an overdose, you are most likely to go an extended period without medical attention, which could ultimately result in death.

Unfortunately, keeping your addiction a secret also has a damaging impact on your social life. Individuals who abuse substances in secret often hide from society. They tend to neglect social and family responsibilities and, as a result, they lack involvement in gatherings and events. Not socializing can have a detrimental impact on your mental health, which can lead to further substance abuse.

How You Can Help Yourself

If you are hiding your addiction, it is crucial for you to open up with others and be honest about your struggles. Admitting that you need substance abuse help is not a weakness; it takes exceptional strength and courage to open up with others about your struggles and difficulties you are facing. By opening up, you are able to seek advice and encouragement.

Individuals who battle addiction should get drug treatment as soon as possible. Getting started on treatment programs as soon as possible ensures you do not experience ongoing negative health and life consequences. Contact the Crosby Clinic at (760) 751-1234 to see how our treatment programs can help you succeed.

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